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Missed Back To Basics 2022?

Washington, DC was so much fun for the group. We visited the NMAAHC, Chinatown, and other parts of the city.Make sure you join our mailing list to get updates on next year's trip and other programs we have coming up.


Our Youth Education Workshops are fun for all ages..even the parents! Join us for discussions, field trips and other activities that will open your mind to a world of discovery.

Qualified Education Service Provider

We are pleased to announce that we've been added to the list of providers offering services to students in the state of OHIO through theACE

(Afterschool Child Enrichment) program.

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Attend one of our workshops to get the most out of your next journey.

cultural experiences

Cultural interactions can change your life. Join us for new experiences.

family and community

Let's enhance the two most important aspects of your social life.

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Looking for volunteer opportunities?

We're always looking for help with reaching our goals. Join the team and help acommunity near you move forward.Contact us today for more info!


Popcorn Fundraiser

Not only is popcorn delicious, but it is also one of the ways you can help us with our mission. Scan the code below & have this treat delivered right to your door for FREE!


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We are looking for motivated people like you to help us along our mission. Our programs include things like workshops, online discussion groups, and trips to places that are full of cultural experiences for us to explore.If you love diversity and meeting new people, we have an opportunity for you here at Social Phenom.

Fill this form with the required information and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss available dates and times you can sign up for. Currently, we have needs in the area of:

- Fundraising

- Communications

- Arts, Crafts, and other creatives

Got questions? Send them to

who we are

Social Phenom provides community programming and services related, but not limited, to cultural diversity and experiences.

We engage with individuals, families, and organizations to increase the awareness of the needs in our social communities. These efforts include travel, workshops, and other activities and events, arranged specifically for each demographic and need.

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(216) 505-1984


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